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Lady Godiva, Hon. John Collier

 Lady Godiva
Hon. JohnCollier

 16"X20" - print on canvas $110.00
24"X30" - print on canvas $200.00
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Lady Godiva 

Lady Godiva lived in England during the 11th century. She was the wife of Earl Leofric of Mercia. According to legend, Lady Godiva asked her husband to reduce the heavy taxes he imposed as Lord of Coventry. He agreed to do so if she would ride unclothed through the town. She asked all the townspeople to remain indoors, and, clothed only in her long hair, mounted a horse and rode through the streets. According to a later story, a tailor named Tom peeped through a shutter and was struck blind. This incident was the origin of the phrase "Peeping Tom."