Illusions Gallery Fine Art Prints on Canvas

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 Fine Art Reproductions

Our goal is to offer the highest quality fine art reproductions by using artist grade canvas and pigmented inks to create the best, most archival, prints available. Each Reproduction is then stretched on stretcher bars (wooden strips that create a framework across which the canvas is pulled taut), and varnished to protect the surface. If you choose to have your Reproduction brushstroked, one of our artists creates texture - much like the raised texture of the paint on an original canvas - by following the brushstrokes of the original artist with medium used especially for this type of work.

There is an important distinction between reproductions and copies: a reproduction is produced from a photographic image of the original work, whereas a copy (produced by an artist) results from attempting to create a new painting based on the original work. (If someone is really, really good at making a copy of a well-known piece of artwork, they are commonly known as a forger! :-)

Canvas transfers are another way of recreating an original work; the technique involves lifting ink from a representation of the picture (i.e., from a poster) and transferring the ink to canvas.

The business of creating art reproductions involves familiarity with a wide variety of art styles, artists, and art history, combined with the extensive technical knowledge required to produce the truest possible representation of the original. These are images obtained from the museums or their agents in most cases.