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William Blake
Death of the Virgin
The Ancient of Days, Blake,,masonic The Ancient of Days

Tables of the Covenant
Tables of
the Covenant

 When the Morning Stars Sang Together
When the Morning
Stars Sang Together

 The Witch of Endor
Witch of Endor

 Temptation and Fall
and Fall

Death on a Pale Horse Death on a
Pale Horse

 Angels with Christ in the Sepulcher, Blake
Angels with
Christ in the
The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun, bBake The Great Red Dragon and the Woman
Clothed in Sun

Elohim Creating Adam, Blake
Creating Adam

Baptism of Christ, Blake
Baptism of Christ

The Last Judgment
The Last

Mary Magdalen
at the Sepulchre

 Christ in the Wilderness
Christ in the

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William Blake was born on 28 November, 1757, in London, England. Young William was prone to fantastic visions, including seeing God, and angels in a tree. He would later claim that he had regular conversations with his deceased brother Robert. It was soon apparent that Blake’s internal world of imagination would be a prime motivator throughout his life. Noting something special in their son the Blakes were highly supportive of and encouraged his artistic creativity and thus began his education and development as an artist.He had early shown an interest in and aptitude for drawing, so, at the age of ten Blake entered Henry Pars’ drawing school. Then, at the age of fourteen Blake started a seven year apprenticeship with engraver James Basire, the official engraver to the Society of Antiquaries.Blake attending the Royal Academy under Sir Joshua Reynolds. He developed mythic creatures inspired by Greek and Roman mythology including Los, who represents the poetic imagination; Albion, who represents England; and Orc,who embodies youthful rebelliousness. His illustrations for the Bible’s “Book of Revelations” include ‘The Great Red Dragon’ (Satan) made famous most recently in Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon (1981). While Blake lived the majority of his life in London, he exerted a profound impact on future poets, artists, writers, and musicians the world over.