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Evelyn De Morgan


Lux in Tenebris


 The Light Shineth...
The Light Shineth..

Clytie Clytie

The Crown of Glory
The Crown
of Glory
Eos Eos
 S O S S O S
Angel of Death Angel of Death
The Field of the Slain The Field of the Slain
An Angel Piping to the Souls in Hell An Angel Piping to the Souls in Hell
The Sea Maidens The Sea Maidens

The Mourners
The Mourners
Loves Passing Loves Passing

Gloria in Excelsis Gloria in Excelsis
The Storm Spirits The Storm Spirits
The Valley of the Shadows The Valley of the Shadows
Phosphorus and Hesperus Phosphorus and Hesperus
Hope in the Prison of Despair
Boreas and Oreityia Boreas and
Cadmus and Harmonia Cadmus and Harmonia

The Love Potion The Love Potion
Queen Eleanor and Fair Rosamund Queen Eleanor and Fair Rosamund
The Red Cross The Red Cross

Angel with the Serpent
Angel with the Serpent


Night and Sleep
Night and Sleep
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Biography; Evelyn De Morgan (1855-1919)

De Morgan began lessons at the age of 15, followed by prize-winning studies at South Kensington and Slade Schools. Her exhibition debut was in 1876 at the Dudley Gallery and followed that with a show at the Grosvenor Gallery, where she would exhibit regularly. In 1887 she married William De Morgan, ceramicist and associate of William Morris, with whom she shared a deep interest in spiritualism. Her preferred subjects included sacred and allegorical figures and scenes, and legends with a moral or social message. Together, they devised a painting method utilizing glycerine which, though too troublesome to pursue, produced the clear, bright tones she sought. In 1916, her horror of the war led her to mount an exhibition of 13 works for the benefit of the Red Cross.