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Caspar David Friedrich
A Sailing Ship
Montague Dawson A Smuggler Under Pursuit by a Revenue Agent Montague Dawson Wind in the Riggings Montague Dawson

Flying Cloud

Montague Dawson

Pirate's Cove
Montague Dawson

The Derwent
Montague Dawson

Proud Ship
Montague Dawson

Crest of a Wave
Robert Salmon
Ships in Harbor

 Michael Zeno Diemer

Sailing off the Coast of
Kilitbahir Fortress
in the Dardenelles, Turkey

 Michael Zeno Diemer

Ship at Sea

 Michael Zeno Diemer

A Frigate off the Coast
off Rio de Janero, Brazil


Battle of the Virginia Capes

 Whitby Harbor
Whitby Harbor
Crescent Moon

Cutty Sark

 William Powell

Battle of Lake Erie

The Battle of Trafalgar

The Fighting Temeraire

London Bridge
The Last Voyage of the Viking


Glasgow Docks Glasgow Docks

 Ivan Konstantinovich

Battle of Sinop

Salem Harbor

First Cargo

All's Well

 George Chambers

Porto Bello

London Bridge
London Bridge

 Howard Pyle


Raft of the Medusa

Boston Harbor , Sunset

  George Chambers

The Bombardment
of Algiers