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Knights & Camelot

Knight at the Crossroads



Mucha Heraldic Chivalry, Mucha Heraldic Chivalry



Death of Arthur
Butler King Arthur
Dicksee Two Crowns
Watts Sir Galahad
Leighton The Accolade
Sandys Morgan le Fay
Burne-Jones The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon (detail)
Wirgman Joan of Arc
Bell Lamentation of King Arthur
Burne-Jones   The Beguiling 0f Merlin
Burne-Jones The Wizard
Collier Guinevere Guinevere

 Innocenti King Arthur King Arthur
Waugh The Knight of the Holy Grail
Calderon Lancelot Sleeping
Draper Lancelot and Guinevere
Cowper Four Queens Find Lancelot Sleeping

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