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Day Dreams
Lady of Shallot
Lady of Shalott

The Favorites of the
Emperor Honorius

Lady on a Balcony, Capri
A Song of Springtime
A Song of Springtime
The White Feather Fan The White Feather FanThe Tempest, 1916
The Tempest, 1916

 The Jester
The Jester
Circe Invidiosa Circe Invidiosa
Pandora Pandora
Windflowers Windflowers
Soul of the Rose Soul of the Rose
A Naiad A NaiadAriadne Ariadne
Gather Ye Rosebuds Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May
Gather Ye Rosebuds Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May - 1909
The Crystal Ball The Crystal Ball with skull restored
The Crystal Ball
La Belle Dame sans Merci La Belle Dame sans Merci
Ophelia Ophelia, 1910
Magic Circle Magic Circle
The Tempest The Tempest
 Boreas,John William Waterhouse, Pre-Raphaelite, prints on canvas Boreas
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All images on these pages printed on artist's canvas, stretched, ready to frame. Click on image for enlargement, size, price & to order.