Illusions Gallery - Testimonials 

Very pleased to inform you that the print arrived safely today. I am absolutely delighted 

with it. It took my breath away when I saw the vivid natural colors. I have had a lot of 

experience with this particular painting and have had several prints in various sizes 

but nothing like this.

Thanks so much for such good quality and excellent service.

Best regards



First let me say WOW, WOW, WOW!!!  I have been hemming and hawing for 2 years about 

buying "Four Queens" as I could not justify spending $140 for it.  But I have been buying 

Giclee prints from (another company) that I have not been satisfied with.  The color on those prints 

comes out dark or cartoonish.  I finally relented as yours is one of two galleries that carry this 

particular print.  It was worth every cent....the color is so vibrant that you can see all the amazing 

details.  And what a difference having the print on canvas.  I could not really get what this meant 

and thought it was a paper Giclee print glued to a piece of canvas :) And again could not see paying 

additional money when I could just buy the paper print.  I had no idea the print is done on the canvas directly.  

The quality of this is amazing.  It is simply so lovely I don't know where to hang it now!  Even the Rolla poster 

is on very high quality thick paper, superior to anything I have purchased on (another company) or (another company).  

I am glad we did not crop this as it to perfect and I wish it was bigger now.  The space I was planning to hang it is 

small but I might change it and put it above the fireplace. My next one will probably be Anne Boelyn which you 

said you could crop to 16x20 because that I will be hanging in smaller space.  I have a medieval themed dining 

room which opens into a formal living room and entryway with the same theme throughout.


Your gallery is candy store to me as I am such a huge fan of Pre-Raphaelite work and you have so many hard to 

find prints.   I plan to get rid of all my lack luster prints and posters and invest in the canvas prints....I am happy 

with "Four Queens Find Lancelot Sleeping" that I will definitely be buying more from you!


Thanks so much,



Thank you so much for your reply and info.  I look forward to hearing from you and to receiving the beautiful 

print.  By the way, you have the best art website………..head and shoulders above many of the others.  It is extremely 

easy to navigate your website and so I return to it over and over again.  Keep up the good and beautiful work.



My brother received (Print) in time for his birthday and was greatly pleased! I got him a paper 

print from the Victoria and Albert museum decades ago, that was accidently destroyed. He's been wanting a 

replacement ever since! 

Looks like you upgraded my shipping to 3 day UPS. Do you need me to get you more money for shipping?


Thanks again,



My order arrived today, and I just wanted to thank you for another beautiful collection of paintings!  This order 

brought my total to 10.  My house and office are covered!  I keep searching for more wall space so that I can add 

additional pieces.  The work that you do is absolutely wonderful.  It adds so much beauty to my home and work 

space.  Indeed, people who visit either always comment on the paintings and the ambiance they help create.  

Even though I'm on a tight budget, these purchases are always worth it, as they bring light and joy into my daily life. 

Thank you very much!

Warm regards,



my framed Fisherman & Siren painting is GORGEOUS!

thank you so much (o:


all my best,




Thank you so much!!!  She really, really loves the portrait and is really impressed with the way it came out!!  I thank 

you for the quality workmanship and the fast, friendly service that you have provided.  I will being ordering another 

in the near future and look forward to speaking with you soon!  

God Bless!


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