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Victorian Figure Studies - Couples & Groups

De Morgan Victorian Figure Studies-couples and groups Boreas and Oreityia
Bouguereau Abduction of Psyche
Bouguereau The Birth of Venus
Lord Leighton The Fisherman and the Siren
 Waterhouse Echo and Narcissus
Bouguereau   Nymphs and Satyr
Waterhouse A Naiad
Waterhouse Hylas & the Nymphs

WaterhouseThe Siren
The Siren

Waterhouse   Apollo & Daphne
 Burne-Jones The Depths of the Sea
 Delville The Love of Souls
Burne-Jones The Tree of Forgivness
Böcklin The Source of Spring
Böcklin Girl and Boy Picking Flowers
Gervex Rolla
Draper Sea Melodies
Bouguereau Youth of Bacchus
females couples & groups males