Illusions Gallery Gift Shop, Framed

Jewel-like small images printed on canvas just like our large prints,framed and ready to ship .
A unique gift ready to wrap, or we can ship it for you.
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Frames may vary with availability

Romeo & Juliet
The Lady of Shalott

Mid-summer's Eve

A Winters Morning
The Shortening Winter's Day

Soul of the Rose
Soul of the Rose

Star of Bethlehem

Merry Old
Santa Claus

The Crystal Ball

Priestess of Delphi
An Angel
5th Ave. in the Rain
Circe Invidiosa

Crescent Moon

Christ Child with Angels

The Magi

Gift of the Magi
Holy Grail
Virgin w. Angels

Mona Lisa
Moonboat to Dreamland

My First Sermon

My Second Sermon

Una & the Lion
The Accolade
Lady Godiva
The Painter's Honeymoon
The Magic Circle
Two Crowns
  The Kiss

End of the
   La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Star of Heaven

Angel's Message
Angel Musician
Starry Night
Tristan and Isolda
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